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Joint success stories to inspire

Alongside you, our North America partners, we have had many mutual wins and successes over the past quarter. This article highlights some of our joint success stories to inform and inspire!


Tailored coverage for large apparel firm that had outgrown existing cargo & stock programme

This was a new account to the US North American broker for whom we already place a number of similar apparel accounts. The client came to the market as the account had grown exponentially over the last two years, and they were looking for bigger limits, and more specialised expertise that had the capacity to cater for their expected growth in the years ahead.

We faced competition from the domestic market on this account, who had provided quotations with competitive pricing based on two separate basis of valuations requested by the insured. We were able to utilise our market relationships to improve on the rating and also negotiate the inclusion of a profit commission for the insured.

Additionally, the team provided the insured with much broader coverage under the policy terms and conditions in comparison to the domestic terms – one point of particular importance was the increased CAT aggregate, which is crucial for this type of account.

We placed a primary USD50m limit. Provision has also been made to escalate the limits to reflect the outcome of the policyholders pending business decision on whether or not to move their supply chain methodology from just in time, to just in case.

This win was built on the producing brokers expertise in the apparel sector, our high level of understanding of their preferred way of working and our knowledge of the specialist markets in London. The process was efficient and created flexibility, improved coverage and compelling financial advantages for the Insured. Underwriters secured a highly professional and fast-growing account.


Strong relationship with Canadian broker helped win new business through long term planning including indicative pricing

Miller’s North American Casualty team recently secured Excess Liability coverage for a tough to place Canadian parts manufacturer. Due to Miller’s longstanding relationship with the leading Canadian broker, the opportunity to work together on this large and complex insured afforded Miller the chance to work collaboratively, securing competitive terms within a class that offers limited appetite.

Given Miller’s approach regarding clear and concise communication, expectations surrounding market appetite were managed. In order to allow the insured to validate that they should put time and effort into collating the needed underwriting information, the team were able to obtain indicative terms long in advance of what is normally possible. The insured had the ability to develop and execute on the placement plan.

Crucially, this approach also allowed the team to highlight their value and fend off competition from the incumbent marketplace at a time where carriers continue to scrutinise their wider portfolios and not necessarily consider each risk on its own merit.

The key to Miller’s success was the team’s ability to provide broader coverage at more competitive pricing, despite facing numerous hurdles.

A great example of the difference a specialist approach and persistence make.

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Parametric claim paid within 4 weeks

Miller settled a parametric claim for one of the leaders of energy recycling, through the US broker.

The policy placed at Lloyd’s resulted in the insured receiving a significant pay-out, which was with them within 4 weeks of the named windstorm event. In September 2021, Hurricane Nicholas made landfall on the coast of Texas. According to the National Hurricane Center/NOAA website, landfall was 20 miles from the latitude and longitude coordinates defined on the Parametric policy. This Named Windstorm fell within the 25-mile circle radius defined on the policy to trigger coverage and payout.

Based on the triggers of the policy, Hurricane Nicholas made landfall as a CAT 1 storm and triggered a 25% payout to the insured of the significant policy limit.

The claim settlement process was simple and quick, which is the premise of parametric policies. The insured was very pleased with the automatic payment trigger without the need for voluminous paperwork, which they would have had to provide under a standard policy.


Plug in to the right team and win

As the US domestic market has continued to gradually contract on limits, introduce price increases and become more selective on industry verticals, there are more risks that are finding renewals challenging.

Working with a US wholesaler we were able to quickly and competitively arrange a new layered E&O programme for a circuit manufacturer. There was a very short time fuse on the account as the incumbent US carrier only released terms shortly before the renewal date. This utilised our teams’ knowledge and experience.

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Active Assailant

Window shopping become purchase orders

Prior to the restrictions imposed by covid there had been a great deal of interest in obtaining pricing indications for Active Assailant coverage. This included considerable education on the rapidly evolving product. Purchase rates against quotes were in the low 20% range. With restrictions lifting and as people return to public places, entertainment and sporting venues so the purchase to quote percentage has more than doubled to around 50%.

There are a number of factors at play: The coverage was a potential new purchase and so had to be built into budgets, coverage was not sufficiently tailored but has now progressed to be far more “fit for purpose”, other lines of coverage such as workplace violence no longer need to be an additional purchase, the value of the crisis management is now much better understood and highly valued.

To keep pace our service and product offering has also been evolving:

  • Our Active Assailant facility is growing in terms of sophistication and relevance, ensuring that tailored wordings match the specific needs of the clients.
  • The facility is set up for a max limit of USD50m any one risk, which is then supplemented with open market placings for higher limits.

Contact - David Eliot >

Energy Midstream

Disciplined service leads to converted opportunity

Poor service by the holding London wholesale broker on a midstream account prompted the retail broker to consider options ahead of marketing a new placement related to the account. Meanwhile, Miller's high service levels on both new and existing business had given the retail broker reason to consider Miller for the placement, despite the political fallout that would result if appointed.

The Miller Midstream team stuck to the brief, providing a comprehensive plan to market the placement outside of the incumbent panel. With the green light to seek terms, the team delicately navigated the restricted market ensuring transparency of progress and the utmost focus on high quality communication. Equally, the team stuck to its promise delivering terms that generated both premium savings and expanded coverage when compared to the offer from the holding London wholesale broker.

The retail broker made the decision to appoint Miller and despite pressure from the holding London wholesaler, the retail broker stuck to its guns. To further vindicate the decision, Miller completed the 100% order in line with the marketing plan drawn up at the outset.

Contact - Adam Taylor >

Marine Hull and P&I

Successful fishing takes knowledge and experience

Aquaculture is a challenging business with so many elements that can go wrong to impact the business. Arguably the offshore operations are the most difficult of all. Underwriters have also experienced some severe losses over the years and so this specialist class can be difficult class to insure. In this case our client is a US MGA who were asked by the incumbent retail broker for assistance as a renewal was not going well for his client, which is a leading global salmon producer.

Working alongside the MGA we were able to place Hull & Machinery (H&M) and Protection & Indemnity (P&I) combined coverage with a market that the incumbent retailer didn’t know.

Not only was capacity secured, it also proved to be at a competitive price with a good outcome for the policyholder, retail broker and the MGA.

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