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Cargo & Stock Throughput

Resurgent London STP Market rescues CAT exposed property programme

Utilising our market knowledge and relationships, Miller’s cargo team placed stock throughput coverage for a best-in-class home textile supplier.

Miller was approached by the producing broker, who initially anticipated that the renewal was going to be challenging, from both a California Earthquake perspective and also due to disruption to the incumbent panel.

Miller worked with the producer to build an STP solution, removing the inventory from the Property programme and therefore reducing the pressure on the Property programme aggregate, which allowed for wider marketing of the programme locally. This meant our US producer could build an alternate offering that would not otherwise be available. Miller were the only London or domestic broker able to offer the STP solution.

The result was the successful placement of STP coverage with a significant limit, along with a delighted producer.

This win is a great example of the value of being able to offer an alternative placing structure, based on market knowledge and relationships.


Rebecca Eagles

T +44 20 7031 2380


Who said insurance wasn’t glamorous?

Miller recently placed Builders Risk Insurance for a Hollywood actresses’ home.

The policyholder was an individual who had commissioned a one of a kind, multi-million cliff top private home. The house insured was partially completed, and Covid caused significant delays to the project. There was a ticking clock on the insurance in place with coverage due to expire. A coverage solution had to be found.

The incumbent insurers had covered the risk for three years and had given notice of cancellation. There was also a perceived very high wildfire risk which the domestic market was not prepared to write.

Following a review of the underwriting information, we determined quickly that unlike a great many US domestic dwellings made of timber, that this one was made of reinforced concrete and steel. A good pictorial history of the previous construction progress was provided. This, together with the Miller construction team using CAT modelling tools, meant that we were able to demonstrate that the risk of loss was actually low, with only a moderate Wildfire exposure.

Working for a US intermediary, a long-standing client of ours, Miller were able to find a Lloyd’s Syndicate with a specific appetite for partially complete projects, with short periods of construction left to run before completion. The terms proposed were supported entirely in Lloyd’s of London so the US producer was able to provide their agent with a 100% supported quote, well ahead of the expiry date of the original policy. The terms were acceptable, and Miller were given a firm order to bind the cover.


Steve Downing

T +44 20 7031 2612


Miller’s D&O team place ‘ABC’ cover for a world-class integrated lithium business

The US wholesale broker approached the team as they were having issues with one of their large renewal accounts. The client wanted increased limits (of around USD15m) this year. The incumbent primary insurer was not willing to increase their expiring limit. The producing broker needed help with getting a larger primary layer to then build off, and that’s where we came in!

With the US domestic markets not willing to put out higher limits, the increased D&O tower limits required for this renewal, needed the extra capacity with fill-ins across multiple layers.

Miller identified markets that had the potential to assist. After discussion with underwriters, we concluded this was within their appetite. We presented the different options to the producer with various retention levels for them to share with the client.

Miller’s D&O team called on its strong relationships with underwriters across the London market to offer competitive terms quickly and effectively. The team were able to get the underwriters to co-insure the primary amount, which was an increase on what the incumbent insurer was offering.

Miller won the primary layer as were able to deliver a higher primary limit at a very reasonable price. Our US producer was really pleased with the outcome and we have strengthened an already very positive relationship with them.


Amy Delamain

T +44 20 7031 2476


London market to the rescue on IPO

On a recent Initial Public Offering (IPO) placement, the insured was looking for pricing for a significant primary limit and were offered a high premium with their incumbent insurer. Therefore, the client approached a different US broker, who were appointed to try and improve the terms. As we had a strong existing relationship with the US broker, they approached Miller’s D&O team to help accomplish this.

The enquiry came through to Miller late on a Friday night, with formal quotes needing to be presented to the client by Monday afternoon.

The team lead a full sweep of the D&O market over the weekend, utilising better relationships with insurers who focus on US listed business to secure competitive quotes. The cover was soon bound, with a 30% saving for the client!

This is a great example of the value of agility, market relationships and being known as a solutions-focused broker in the US market.


Rebecca Harvey

T +44 20 7031 2380

Upstream Energy

Hard work pays off! Miller’s strategic growth with US broker leads to new Upstream Energy account

During Lockdown and in anticipation of our pending renewed independence the Miller Upstream Energy team were very busy. In addition to getting on with business they were recruiting, reorganising and changing parts of their operating model. Independence happened and the team were fast out of the gates. Results for us and clients have been very encouraging. Momentum has been built and underwriter support has never been stronger.

The following is an example of how the dynamism is securing business.

An independent US broker had been working hard to acquire a large energy account for 16 years. Eventually the stars aligned and a local tender process was won. Part of the commitment to the client was to hold a lightning fast London wholesale broker tender. Having historically worked very closely with a competitor of Miller, it is likely that in the past the US broker would not have considered Miller as a London option, however thanks to our relationship building and news of other wins, Miller was invited to participate in the London broker tender.

We were given less than a week to prepare our written presentation but thanks to a great team effort, delivered a report that saw us through to the final round. The oral presentation followed less than 72hrs later when we presented to both the US broker and the Insured. We were up against the very London wholesale competitor that we knew we had to dislodge. They had enjoyed a long and very strong position with the US broker in the past and were therefore considered heavy favourites for the appointment. Thanks to Miller’s one team approach, along with our claims service, sector-specific expertise and problem-solving abilities, we received the news the following day that our oral presentation had won them over. We had been successfully appointed. No time to celebrate. The US broker and Insured would be in London the following week for underwriter meetings!

In the very short time since the relationship has started, we have introduced the US broker to various Miller teams, including Cyber and Terrorism, further highlighting our one team approach.

Would you like to explore how our approach can help you?


Adam Taylor

T +44 20 7031 2408

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